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Specialized Property Management Expands into Florida

Local Property Managers Partnering with the Technology-Driven Firm to Boost Growth


Specialized Property Management has announced its expansion into Florida, partnering with one of the largest single-family property management firms in the Orlando market with over $178M in assets under management. The Dallas-based rental management company continues to expand into select markets via a unique strategy, partnering with reputable property management companies with portfolios of over 250 units that seek near-term growth to reach 1000+ properties under management.


The strategy provides established property managers with access to Specialized’s resources, technology and experience to drive substantial near-term growth, while allowing owners to retain ownership in the company. In recent years, the firm has invested substantially in its proprietary technology platform, RentalView360, which typically cuts operating costs of new partnering firms by over 25% within the first year, while driving topline revenue with proven marketing strategies.


“Our experience has shown that even seasoned property managers are struggling to keep up with the growing demands of rental owners in the digital age,” explained Charles Thompson, President of Specialized Property Management. “Investors now expect more efficient, technology-driven operations and data analytics to ensure they are getting the most predictable return on their investment. Our technology platform has been custom designed to meet that higher expectation, and our systems allow established firms to build on that foundation to scale and better serve their clientele.”


Specialized offers an innovative strategy for smaller property management companies to scale their operation and create a long-term sustainable company.  Thompson explains, “Today’s rental market requires a significant investment in teams, training, automation, systems, and partnerships that simply is beyond the reach of many property managers. Our strategy allows reputable local firms to access the needed support to thrive and grow quickly while maintaining a stake, where before they may have been stagnating, or even losing clients to more technology-driven firms.”


Specialized Property Management is one of the largest and fastest growing real estate management providers, with locations now serving single-family rental investors in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Orlando. The firm provides complete residential property management for homeowners, investors, and institutional funds, including comprehensive leasing, marketing, screening, maintenance, collections, compliance, asset acquisition and disposition and accounting services.  Its rigorous management protocol is supported by an experienced team and a proprietary technology platform that is pioneering new levels of data-driven performance for single-family rental management and investing.


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